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If you're looking to sell a home, please know that the market can shift on a dime. In recent years, we've gone from a super-hot seller’s market, to a slowing market, back to a hot seller’s market

here in the Des Moines metro and surrounding areas. In fact, every week has presented a new market
for us poor REALTOR®s just trying to keep up!

In the spring, I normally will see a heated seller’s market from about January 5th through March 20th or
so. Buyers are out as soon as they’ve put away holiday decorations, but sellers don’t always get their
listings on the market until after spring break. So while we have a hot market right this second
(depending on the price point), this may change quickly.

So, let’s get into the meat of it. If you’re planning to sell a home, look for these things:

Preparation to List

How will the REALTOR® you’re interviewing help you prepare your home for sale? Do they offer a
staging consultation (if you’re living in your home, or your furniture is still there)? If the home is
vacant, do they offer virtual staging or vacant staging? What are the costs of staging that will be
covered by the REALTOR®, and what costs will you cover? Note: Staging is starting to come into its
own as a requirement, thanks to HGTV . Don’t skip it!

Will they do professional photography? This has been around for a few years now, so any REALTOR®
that does not have this in their plan needs to add it, stat!

Pricing is KEY

How will the REALTOR® help you price your property? What comparable properties are they using?In this market, I’d strongly recommend that any comparables that have sold more than 90 days ago
be dropped immediately. This market is moving far too fast to look back twelve months, or even six

In addition, is the REALTOR® looking at active competition? This matters just as much as the
properties that have recently sold.

Finally, when the REALTOR® gives you a price range, will they be able to estimate your proceeds?
You deserve to have all of the information ahead of time.

Promoting and Monitoring the Listing

How will your chosen REALTOR® promote your listing? Will it be through online advertising,
networking with other agents, open houses, signs, email marketing? Keep in mind, however, that
not all areas allow “Coming Soon” listings, so your REALTOR® may not be able to publicly promote it
before it actually hits the market.

Just as important as the initial promotion: How will the REALTOR® continue to monitor the market
and communicate with you? Will they review pending sales and active listings hitting the market
while yours is on the market? Will they be watching the clicks and trends relating to your home and the other comparable competition throughout the process? In recent years, REALTOR®s have been
able to put a sign in the yard and sell the house; this is no longer always the case. Will your
REALTOR® be around if it takes more than a hot minute to sell your home?

Contractual Knowledge and Negotiating Ability

How well does your REALTOR® know the purchase agreements, inspection addendums, and other
legal documents relating to the purchase of a home? These are legal documents that once signed,
are binding. Will your REALTOR® take the time to explain every applicable clause?
In addition, is your REALTOR® able to think outside the box to ensure that every party to a purchase
gets what they need? And even more importantly, will your REALTOR® ensure you are protected
throughout the purchase process as much as possible?

Once you have your preferred REALTOR® identified, then you can get to work to purchase your home.
It’s vital that you trust your REALTOR® and feel that you can ask questions, propound scenarios, and
more, throughout the process.

If you have a REALTOR®, great! We all love working with competent REALTOR®s throughout the
transaction and wish you the best. However, if you’re still looking, we’d be happy to help. Just reach
out! Helping clients with their housing needs is our favorite thing!

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